How to Sell Your Screenplay to Hollywood
with Gary W. Goldstein

Oscar® Nominated Producer

Learn from the producer of blockbuster hits like Pretty Woman & Under Siege.

Discover Your Screenwriting Voice

Stop following the herd, and discover your authenticity as a screenwriter.

Query 10x Method

Replace ‘blind’ query letters with this super-charged strategy to 10x your success.

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Learn How to Create a REAL Screenwriting

Career in Hollywood

Join Oscar® nominated producer Gary W. Goldstein for this powerful masterclass, as he walks you through exactly
how to break into Hollywood, and pursue your dream career with confidence. 

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Gary W. Goldstein is the Oscar® & Golden Globe Nominated Hollywood Producer behind mega box-office hits like Pretty Woman, Under Siege, and Mothman Prophecies.

Internationally recognized for cinematic contributions that have generated over a billion dollars to date, Gary counts iconic movie stars like Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, and Steven Segal among his circle of friends and colleagues. His timeless films have received a host of honors in several countries, including multiple coveted Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe.

As a literary manager, Gary discovered some of the hottest in-demand screenwriters, directors, and producers in Hollywood, including Matt Reeves (director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, writer-director of War for the Planet of the Apes, and The Batman due out in 2021), J.F. Lawton (Pretty Woman and Under Siege, among others), and dozens more.


An intensive, immersive, and intimate program designed to help you make real progress and create meaningful success, so you can finally share your stories and talent with the world.

Through practical, self-paced training, and Gary’s real, raw and hands-on bonus coaching, you’ll finally be able to transform your talent into a real career that supports and sustains your lifestyle. 

It’s time to stop waiting for permission. Take hold of your own creative career with laser-like precision, and become part of the ‘lucky’ few who enjoy the rewards of a successful screenwriting career. 

  • Develop your own personalized action-plan to break into Hollywood, gain access, and finally have your work acknowledged. 
  • Level-up your inner circle to create meaningful relationships and build a supportive network of people who can make a difference in your life and career.
  • Get noticed by Hollywood’s most influential people from anywhere in the world (even if you’re not based in LA).
  • Craft the winning pitch to make your scripts absolutely irresistible, increase your success rate and get your screenplays read.
  • Avoid wasting time sending out dozens of ineffective blind query letters. Learn how to get the right person's attention easier, quicker and more effectively so you can accelerate your career much faster. 
  • Develop a unique creative signature to give your work an edge against your competition in an authentic and lasting way.

And most importantly, you’ll gain the self-belief and confidence you need to stop playing it safe, and turn your dream into a reality!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the enormous value inside... 


Module #1: Level-Up Your Network

Discover how to create authentic, human conversations that make you stand out amongst the noise, and leave the competition behind. 

Inside Module 1, you’ll discover how to… 

  • Gain access and build rapport with the real decision-makers in Hollywood 
  • Identify and target new allies and champions to build your ‘Top 100 List’ 
  • Use small but frequent interactions to leave a memorable impression on your network


Module #2: Your D.O. List

Design a unique and personalised action plan that opens more doors and opportunities for your career.

Inside Module 2, you’ll discover how to…

  • Use ‘desired outcomes’ that cause people to automatically and subconsciously say ‘yes’ to you 
  • Effortlessly build follow-up into every interaction you have 
  • Turn new contacts into meaningful, career-driving relationships with one simple (yet crucial) key 


Module #3: Your Most Valuable Asset 

Discover how the assistants in Hollywood will become your greatest champions and gatekeepers of your success, and how to quickly build rapport with them. 

Inside Module 3, you’ll discover how to...

  • Accelerate your influence and results with a simple ‘role reversal’ strategy no one is teaching you 
  • Build warm, personal relationships with people that matter with Gary’s powerful questions, research, and follow-up strategies 
  • Double your network using a simple and human approach to your conversations


Module #4: Identifying & Testing Your Most Powerful Story

Stop following the herd, and discover why authenticity is the most powerful quality a screenwriter can bring to Hollywood. 

Inside Module 4, you’ll discover how to…

  • Stop waiting for permission, and become the most effective advocate of your work
  • Stay true to your convictions and talents, and write the stories that Hollywood is truly craving to hear 
  • Build an inner-circle you can trust to give feedback that strengthens your work 


Module #5: Make Every Meeting Count

Master the art of crafting and delivering the perfect pitch that turns every meeting into a valuable experience for both parties no matter the result.

Inside Module 5, you’ll discover how to…

  • Stop trying to ‘sell’ your scripts, and craft an authentic pitch that makes your stories irresistible 
  • Rehearse your pitch using Gary’s 4 simple approaches, so you can enter every meeting with confidence
  • Never waste another moment with a key-player in your career’s success again


Module #6: Take Control & Create Your Own Content 

Discover the huge opportunity you have to collaborate with other artists, and turn your scripts into a stand-out short film. 

Inside Module 6, you’ll discover how to...

  • Find quality collaborators and creatives to bring your scripts to life in a powerful way 
  • Get your short films in front of Hollywood’s elite talent online, so you can gain their attention and showcase your talents
  • Grow a powerful online presence and fan-base that champions your work and extends your stories’ reach


Module #7: Persistence (aka Pig-Headed Determination) 

Why rejection isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a creative, and how you can capitalize off of every “failure” you experience. 

Inside Module 7, you’ll discover how to… 

  • Turn every “no” you receive into an opportunity and conversation-starter that moves your career forward 
  • Flip the script. Learn how to make failure and rejection work to your advantage.
  • Explode your productivity and erase stress with two quick and easy exercises


Module #8: Query 10x

Replace ‘blind’ query letters with this super-charged strategy to 10x the number of responses you receive back. 

Inside Module 8, you’ll discover how to…

  • Make every interaction you have an expected and welcome event, so you can avoid landing at the bottom of the script pile 
  • Effortlessly build-in your follow up so your network are waiting to hear from you 
  • Speed past your competition by adding 3 simple sentences to your emails 

And much, much more…


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What are you waiting for?

Finally, you can stop waiting for the phone to ring, and take your future into your own hands. 
Jump start your screenwriting career and do what you love for a living.

HOLIDAY SALE - $199 (Reg $499)