Looking for a Film Distributor with Integrity?

Deep C Digital has generated millions of dollars for independent producers monetizing their movie and TV show content across all the major digital and cable tv platforms with only a one year agreement and a monthly payout!

If you want to learn more the watch the 
Indie Film Hustle Interview the video below. 


Alex Ferrari 
(Founder of Indie Film Hustle)

"This is, by far, the best film distribution option I've ever seen for filmmakers. John couldn't be more transparent."

Marc Wax 
(Netflix Licensed Producer)

“We love working with Deep C Digital… One of the few honest distribution companies in Hollywood!!!”

Brigham Mcneely
(Pureflix Licensed Producer)

“It has been such a blessing working with John and Deep C Digital over the past 4 years. I have nothing but great things to say about him and his company!”

What we do for your film

  • Only Distributor that pays monthly vs. all others that pay quarterly
  • Sales Commission based fee only with NO extra fees or deductions
  • 1 year contract with renewals only after performance review
  • Provide easy to understand sales reports broken out by title, by platform, and by month
  • License content directly to all major OTT, AVOD, SVOD, Pay TV, cable platforms, not through a third-party.
  • Secure better placement at all major digital platforms.
  • Manufacture on Demand DVD/BD at amazon.com, bestbuy.com, walmart.com
  • Sells to unique channels like prisons, airlines, hotels, cruise ships, and new up and coming SVOD platforms
  • 100% client retention rate among +150 clients

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• No Documentaries
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