The Guide to Networking and 
Building Relationships
in the Film Business

with Suzanne Lyons


Learn how to connect and build a network of industry professionals. 

Long Last Relationships

Learn at the key elements you need to build a success career in the film business.

The Art of Being Memorable

Learn how to stand out from the crowd  and stick in peoples minds.

IFH Academy's Webinar Series



Learn How to Build Lasting & Authentic Relationships in Today's Film Business 

This webinar will take you step by step through how to network in the entertainment industry.


1 Hour of Video Content

Learn what it takes to have success in today's film business.

Money Back Guarantee

This webinar has a 365 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Access Anytime, Anywhere

You have lifetime access to this course. Learn on your own time.


After producing a number of bigger budget features Award-winning film producer and best-selling author Suzanne Lyons thought producing the SAG ultra-low and modified budget films would be a piece of cake. Boy, was she wrong.

Wearing 100 different hats was a challenge and she learned so much. And now she will be sharing all that great info with you. 

The Complete Indie Film Producing Workshop

Learn how to produce a low-budget feature film, step by step.

Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.


This Webinar will focus on Networking, Networking, Networking!  And Creating Relationships in our industry. 

The focus will be on creating authentic long lasting relationships, expanding your network of relationships, nurturing your existing relationships, being memorable, learning the secrets of how successful business people create relationships and much more. This webinar also included worksheet and a bonus pack to help you on your path.  



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Oscar® Winner Mark L. Smith (Writer - The Revenant)

Suzanne has that rare ability to combine artistic creativity and smart business sense… she’s proven that by taking a SAG ultra-low budget and somehow squeezing out a quality film that looks like it cost a million!

Ross Grayson Bell (Producer - Fight Club)

Suzanne is brilliant… take her workshop and put her suggestions to work and you’ll be amazed at the extraordinary results you’ll produce. This is  a workshop not to be missed by anyone making a low budget feature!

What are you waiting for?

Set yourself up for success in the film business.